Thursday, April 9, 2009

ClamAV 0.95.1 Packages on CentOS 4


Today I ran yum update on my mail server and noticed that the ClamAV packages were set to be upgraded. Trusting rpmforge’s packages as I do, I ran the updates and attempted to restart clamd and clamav-milter services.  This is where my problems began.  When attempted to start clamd I received the error:

ERROR: LogFile requires full path. 

When I reviewed the clamd.conf file the LogFile line read:

LogFile unix:/var/log/clamav/clamd.log

I’ve never seen the unix: prefix in a path before so I removed it.  When I did clamd started right up.  Then I looked that messages logfile and saw the following line:

clamav-milter[19418]: No clamd server appears to be available

I looked in the clamd.log file and saw that is was set to LocalSocket /tmp/clamd.socket, but the clamav-milter.conf was looking for clamd’s socket at unix:/var/run/clamav/clamd.sock.  So I changed the ClamdSocket line to unix:/tmp/clamd.socket (to match clamd.conf) and restarted clamav-milter.  Then the error messages went away.

Apparently the 0.95.1 version also turns off the X-Virus-Scanned headers as well.  I turned that back on in the clamav-milter.conf file. 


Apparently there was a major architectural change in ClamAV 0.95.

UPDATE: A new set of packages was released this week.  I don’t know if they fix the problem, but I suspect they caught their mistake.

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Win said...

WOW - Your blog was exactly what I needed, and Google had already found it for me! :-) Thanks for the help.