Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Internet Explorer 6 Comes to Windows Mobile

That headline has to be the most misleading one I’ve ever wrote.  Yes Internet Explorer 6 is coming to Windows Mobile.  It is not the version 6 that we have grown to loathe as system administrators, but it is based on current desktop IE 7 and maybe even 8.  The browser will support rich media such as Silverlight and Flash as well as AJAX.  Page rendering will be more close to the desktop alternative which of course has been around for years with Opera Mini (available for WinMo via Java) and recently with Safari for the iPhone.

And the bit about it coming to Windows Mobile is misleading because they just announced the availability of the updated mobile browser, but it will not be available on current handsets only future handsets.  Future here meaning many months until you see them overseas since carriers are not as strict and controlling about the devices.  Then maybe sometime in 2009 we may see WinMo handsets using the browser.  Alternatively the hardworking folks at ppcgeeks.com have been providing kitchens and ROMs for WinMo phones to help you keep your WinMo device running the latest software.  Flashing your phone with unsanctioned ROMs is not an easy process, but you may find yourself taking the plunge if your mobile drives you crazy like many other users.

The upside is that Windows Mobile is finally going to have a decent browser which may mean more developers coding websites to be friendly to Windows Mobile based devices. 

Here is a video of the browser in action. 


Keep in mind that Opera Mini, Opera Mobile, Safari, and Skyfire have already beat Microsoft to the punch so they will not get a lot of positive reviews for their efforts.

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