Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What I Use

Applications I use everyday:

  • Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate (32-bit) – If you pump enough RAM into Windows Vista it can be very usable. 
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007 – I started using Outlook Express because it came with Windows, but when I saw the power and integration of Outook 97 I was sold.  Since then I’ve used every version.  I was even more hooked when I began using Outlook with an Exchange server.  Although I have tried many other PIM’s, still nothing compares to the productivity and utility of Outlook.
  • Mozilla Firefox – Hands down FireFox is the best cross-platform browser. 
  • Digsby – multi-protocol instant messenger app with social networking
  • Winamp – tried and true media player with great keyboard shortcuts
  • Google Chrome – the fastest browser for start times and load times, lacks extensibility of FireFox, but the features redefine browsing like Gmail redefined email
  • Microsoft Virtual PC running Windows XP Professional – If you run Windows Vista and your a sysadmin, you have to run Windows XP too.  Just keep it clean and give it about 512 MB of RAM and it’s just like having a second computer around.
  • andLinux – unique hybrid-virtualization of Ubuntu linux that allows me to run KDE apps natively in Windows (like Konsole for Linux server management)



  • Putty – for ssh/telnet management of servers, routers, and switches
  • Launchy – application launcher to free you from the Start menu
  • Switcher – Expose-like application for Vista, requires AERO
  • reSizer – window placement and sizing with a mouse can be tedious, using reSizer I can move windows between monitors and resize to fit the screen without leaving the keyboard
  • Remote Desktop Connection – remote management of all of those Windows servers out there


Server Applications I use regularly:

FireFox Extensions

  • GrandCentral Click to Call
  • PDF Download
  • Adblock Plus
  • CyberSearch
  • Delicious Bookmarks –
  • Google Gears
  • Tiny Menu

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